Early Evening...


That's our current temperature. Can you say hot hot hot! It was almost in the upper 90s when I was watering the plants at around 5 PM. So yes, S-U-M-M-E-R is here even if it shouldn't be here in another week or so.

According to the weather man on TV, tomorrow will be a great day to go 'beachin'. Too bad the man of the house has to work...and so is the woman of the house. We may head somewhere on Sunday though. It's all a big secret right now because when the little one knows about something, she won't settle down until we're heading out the door. So...SHHHH!!!


bluedreamer27 said…
yikes.. i don't think i can stay with that weather
have a great day mommy J and happy blogging
Admin said…
here in the Philippines, rainy season has started. am enjoying the nice weather now after an extremely hot summer.

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