Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lookie Look....

My tomatoes are already making an appearance. I have about 5 plants and most of them have flowers. The picture up top are the first 2 to show up so I took a picture of them. Tee hee. The bottom's the first flower of my okra plant. Yay! Up close, I can see more flowers about to bud..which means....more pictures to come... hahaha.

I'm still busy working. Although I spent yesterday re-arranging stuff in the master's bathroom. I went through everything...and I can't believe how many expired stuff I have in my bathroom drawers....from beauty products to my allergy medicines. After getting rid of all the expired stuff and some trash, I now have more space to clutter up with, yes, beauty stuff and trash.

I better start working now before my boss realizes I'm not doing anything. Yep, they can track it if I'm working or not even if I work remotely. Servers. They know who's in the server and those are not....which I'm not. Whoopppssie!

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