Muffin & Hot Cocoa

That's my breakfast this morning. Well, I only had 1 muffin. The little one had the other one. She baked them yesterday while I was making dinner so you can just imagine the chaos in our little kitchen. It was fun though.

Monday once again....another week of work, work & work. Is it Friday yet? LOL. Anyway, we had a very busy weekend. The plan of going somewhere to cool off didn't push through because work [hubby's] came calling...on both days of the weekend. Sigh...but, such is life. While he was working on Saturday, the little one and I were also the yard. I did a much needed weeding in the flower beds while the little one swept the pathways. In between yard work [read: temperature in the, hot, hot], I did some work on the computer as well as researching for a merchant account reseller program that the husband can try. Yes, he wants to venture into that amidst the busy time at work. It's for a long range plan so we're taking it slow and easy so I'm reading about the different programs out there.

Sunday, the little one and I stayed indoors. I did some cleaning of course while I let her watch her favorite Disney shows. Hubs came home a bit earlier so they were able to spend some time playing. And then it's MONDAY! And guess what...we're all still working. LIFE!!!!


Ciela said…
Sarap ng muffins! I can smell the freshly baked aroma. Galing naman ni E! Pwede ng maging chef!

Buti nakakaintindi na si E bakit di natuloy lakad nyo. Kung sa ibang bata yan, nakoh.. gulo na!

Inggit ako sa pagwi-weed mo Huling! Dito, no place for garden and grasses, only flower pots. hu hu..

Lapit na naman TGIF.. he he.. will be back here soon. Ingat!

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