My 'To Do Lists'

I guess my excitement for the weekend is now replaced with disappointment. Sigh. It’s not something life-changing or anything of that magnitude but it’s still something that made me [still is actually] unhappy that I shed a tear or two. I’m somehow over it now since there’s really nothing I can do about it. I guess I just have to keep myself busy so as not to dwell on it much. I have a lot of things to do, anyway.

Work is still very busy…but I get bored doing the same thing after a couple of hours so I switch from one task to another to keep me awake so to speak. I have a to-do-list…2 lists actually. One is a list that the hubby requested me to do for him and my own list of course. Looking for payment solutions company is on top of the list that hubby gave me. He said he’s fed up with their bank right now so he wants to switch to something new and easy to deal with. I have yet to start on that since I need more information from him on what exactly to look for.

While I’m waiting for him to get back to me, I’m busy checking virtual credit cards for my personal use. I shop online a lot so a virtual credit card will be an ideal choice for me to use since I won’t have to reveal any financial details when using it. We know how dangerous it is to reveal such information especially in the virtual world. I also like the fact that virtual credit card converts money in different currencies because I sometimes send money overseas as gifts to my family. The company I use to send money overseas stopped processing money from the virtual bank I use so this is a good time for me to look for another place. I have a few places bookmarked already and all I have to do now is to compare them then choose. Easy peasy lemon squeazy, eh?

I guess I really do have a lot of things to keep me busy for a few days. All I need now is a bar [bars?] of dark chocolate to keep me company while I try to go through my ‘to do lists' then my world will be complete. Well, not really but a bar of dark choco will definitely perk me up.


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