Need Cash?

Why don't you grab a wad of it from here?

How about from here?

This is how I keep my 'fortune', stack up in some rooms so I just grab some whenever I need some moolah. LOL. In my dreams! I actually got these pictures from an email sent to me by a friend. It's a popular email circulating around and according to the email, these stacks of money was only part of a drug lord's wealth. There's a bunch of pictures in the email showing money in other currencies. I didn't see any bullion though in the pictures. I guess the drug lord only wants cold hard cash for his collection. On the other hand, there were also some pictures of firearms in gold as well so there's probably gold bullion there as well.

Anyway, don't you wish you have even just a fraction of the money in the picture? I wouldn't want to obtain it the way the alleged drug lord did. Oh well, unless I win the lottery [which I never play anyway] or get a big inheritance from a rich benefactor, I guess I would just have to deal with it, eh? Tee hee. I better head to lalaland before I start going overboard with this 'hallucination'. I think I just need a good night sleep to wake up and be back to reality.


BongFlo said…
aba! eh kung may ganyan ka kadaming pera j, eh penge naman ng mga 10 bundles dyan... hahaha! paki western union na lang din... just browsing around here today, nanawa sa fb. musta na mommy j???

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