New Peninsula Town Center

This guest post supplied by Amanda King-Smith

The crime rate in my area of Maryland is low, but there are still steps I take to make myself and my family safer here. We always lock doors and windows in the house and in the car. We never go out alone at night unless absolutely necessary. When going to the car from a building at night, we make sure our keys are in hand rather than having to search for them when arriving at the car. We try to park in well lit areas, and as close to the store as possible especially after dark.

I also make sure that both my husband and I carry our cell phones nearly all the time, so that if either is in trouble the other can be reached quickly. We also keep a baseball bat near the bed, in case someone does happen to break in. I believe it is essential to be aware at all times and have taught my son to be like that as well. These are the things my family has adapted into our lives to help us be more safe.


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