Piano Lessons = Driving Lessons?

These are our guitars....mine & the little one's. Dad got the little one's guitar about a year ago. She was very excited when she first got her little guitar you would think she'd be playing a song or two on it before long. Well, not quite. Her initial excitement was just that...initial. After a few days of trying to learn the guitar chords, she just lost the drive to do it...and all because of the little pain she started feeling on her fingers as a result of pressing the strings. She still picks it up every now and then but she already started 'hinting' that she'd rather learn to play piano than her little guitar. That's fine with us but Dad has to explain to her that a piano costs a bit more, okay, a lot more, than a guitar so she has to be really sure before we actually invest on one only to be left gathering dust just like her guitar. She's adamant that she really wants to learn to play piano but we'll see.

We have no plans of buying her a piano just yet. We know better now that before we actually do that, we have to enroll her first in a class where she can learn to play piano like a beginner's course. There is one place near here, maybe about 2 miles away and we may just enroll her there. There's a catch of course....Mommy has to drive her there. Uh oh...mommy can't drive yet. So in the meantime, I am thinking of trying the online piano lessons that I've seen being advertised. I have yet to dig deeper into it but I'm hoping she won't be needing a piano for that. I hope to find out as soon as possible.

I should also start calling some driving schools around here to find out if they offer weekend driving lessons for an old lady like me. If the online lessons don't pan out, I can just drive her and enroll her to that music school down the road. Yep, it would have to be piano lessons = driving lessons...or is it the other way around?


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