Stable Investment


TGIF and it couldn't have come any sooner. Even if this week seemed a bit shorter than the others, it feels like I've never been so tired. For some reasons, I have been having trouble falling asleep. The hubby wants me to tell the doctor that in my next appointment. The problem is when it's time for my next appointment, I don't seem to have that problem anymore.

Instead of tossing and turning in bed, I usually just get up and see if my niece on the other side of the globe is online so we can chat and play catch up with whatever's happening with family. Last time I saw them [via webcam] was in April so it's been a while. A lot has happened since then. My oldest brother is now thinking of possibly taking the early retirement they're offering at work. Originally, he didn't want to take it but the offer got better. He still has a few years to think about it though.

If and when he decides to do it, he wants to make sure that he has investments in place to make sure his and his family's future is secure enough for him not to work anymore. He plans to invest in different things but really has no idea which is the best investment right now. I would say none but I told my niece to tell her Dad to buy gold coins as one of his investments. Gold is probably one commodity that he cannot go wrong in buying. Aside from its stability in terms of value, it is something tangible. It is also easy to sell in case he would need fast cash in the future.


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