Sunny or Rainy?

That seems to be the question now. It's sunny right now but dark clouds are starting to set in and I can hear some faint thunders so it "seems" that it's going to rain a little later today. I'm sure I will be asking this same question over and over again in the coming days since summer is just around the corner and hurricane season has officially started.

I'm still in a waiting mode at the moment. We finally got that email [from our boss] letting us know that some work will be coming our way sometime soon. That was sent late yesterday so I'm crossing my fingers we will have something today already.

I can't believe it's almost the weekend again. It seems it's coming a bit faster this time...and that's probably because of the 3-day weekend we just had. I'm not complaining though.

Better sign off here now. The thunders are getting louder and closer....


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