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"Thank God It's FINALLY Friday!"

Although the weekend will not be the one I am hoping for, I'm still glad it's within reach already. I've had a tiring week so I just want to rest and relax for a couple of days. Plans changed but such is life, right? It's something out of my hand so there's not much I can do but accept it.

On some other news....it's HOT HOT HOT today. My thermometer here on my laptop is showing 96 degrees as the highest. More often than not, it's higher than what's projected so there's a chance it will go up to 97 or 98 at its peak. There's a slight chance of rain later today so that will cool us down a little bit...if it happens anyway.

That's about it. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Mommy Rubz said…
Stalking someone here. LOL!

Long time no see Mommy J. How's buhay buhay?

Missed you. Busy yata beauty mo. ^_^

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