Thanks But No Thanks...


Another 'break' for me today. We are still having some issues with work so we couldn't do anything until everything is fixed. We expected it to be fixed today but the damage was bigger than expected so it's a no-go for us again. So.... I spent the day working on my 'special project' and it's all done. Finally. I thought I'd never finish it but I did so I'm now a happy camper.

Aside from working on that special project, I also spent time browsing...facebook! Yep, I've been spending a lot of time there lately. What else is there to do, right? Anyway, one of my friends there, a former co-teacher, has ventured into real estate and she is now a licensed real estate agent. She's been sending me information and has been convincing me to buy one of their houses or condos. I'm not really sure if 'investing' into a house will be a wise move for me right now. Honestly, real estate is so unstable right now that I'd rather buy gold coins instead of investing in a house or a condo. At least gold has been steadily stable amidst all the economic chaos that's been going for years. Besides, we still have the other house to sell here so I have to tell my friend 'no thank you, maybe next time'...


Nancy Janiola said…
right! with gold kasi you don't have to spare budget for maintenance unlike houses and condos, hahaha!

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