Unpacking Moving Boxes


Monday is almost over…again. I’ve been sleep-deprived so to speak but that’s how it is some days so I’m okay with it. Hopefully this week will be a lot better than last but we’ll see. The weekend went by quicker than I thought it would and it was as bad as I was expecting it to be given the situation. The weather was close to perfect especially to those who couldn’t wait to go to the beach. It rained a little bit but that’s about it. I’m sure those who went to the beach had a blast.

Obviously, I wasn’t one of those that went to the beach. We stayed home and I was able to finish some long-overdue ‘tasks’ [aka household chores] that I’ve been meaning to do in the last, ummm…few months. Well, maybe more than a few months…more like a year or so. Tee hee. So what could it be that it took me that long to do it? Moving Boxes….emptying then anyway. Yep, remnants of the move we had 2 years ago. I just didn’t want to dig through them without knowing where to put the contents thus the long wait. I had to do some overhauling of some sort to free up some space so I could do the much delayed unpacking. Now, it’s done, so yay!

I still have a few boxes to go through but they can wait maybe another 2 years? Nah….I’ll just have to wait maybe a few weeks. They’re mostly books and some office stuff. We need to get additional book shelves as well as another office table in a few weeks and that’s where the contents of the unpacked boxes go. We’ve been to the local stores around here but we haven’t found what we’re looking for. Hubby suggested that we also look online so that will add a few weeks to the waiting time…but that alright. The books won’t go bad if left in the boxes a few more months, would they?


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