Vacation in the Offing?


After almost 10 years, I may finally be able to visit loved ones back home in the Philippines, with my own little family of course. We don’t have any concrete plans yet but it may just happen soon. This will all depend on the husband’s work schedule of course. The little one is excited because she wants to meet all her cousins , aunts & uncles in that part of the world. But like I said, nothing is definite yet so we’ll see.

Since this will be our first trip out of the country, we have to do a lot of preparations. We’ve done some of it already but we still have a lot of things to do before taking off. Since the husband is way too busy at work, I’m left in-charge to do most of them. Home security is one of them. So far, I’ve been to and websites to see if we should go ahead and continue with our plan of enrolling to a home security system. We had an ADT security system in the old house so it is something tried and tested. We just haven’t enrolled in one for this house because there are still some wiring that the husband wants to straighten up before we contact a home security company. Guess what? He still has to do that although we may just ask whoever will install the system to do it for us. Hubby just doesn’t have the time for that.

Anyway, I’ve also been reading consumer reports to get ideas on how to further protect our home in case we have to leave the house unattended for a few weeks. Fortunately, we already have most of the recommendations in the reports I’ve read. I have to print out some information so I can ask the husband to read it as well. I’m not even half-way through the to-do- list and I’m already exhausted. I wonder if I’ll have any more energy left to travel halfway across the world. Hmm…


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