Finally, it's the midweek. This week has been extra slow for me. I've been trying to pull the days to make them faster but you know what happens when you try to do that....they get even slower so I better stop pulling then huh?

Busy days are here so I don't have much time to update my blogs as much as I used to. On top of being busy, I've been really tired the last couple of days as a result of different factors. It's been raining almost daily now [hello SUMMER] which means I don't have to do one of my daily chores for now...watering the plants because Mother Nature is doing that for me. But with the good comes the not-so-good. A-L-L-E-R-G-I-E-S! Yep, it seems I'm 'allergic' to rain. Seriously. Well, maybe it's not the rain 'per se' but the sudden change of weather [temperature, maybe?]. My allergy is almost always at its worst when it's raining. It doesn't matter whether I'm indoor or outdoor.

But like I said, the rain is good for the grass and our plants. They grass has been greener and our plants, especially my vegetables, are blooming. Here are some pics I took yesterday of my 'container garden' in the back yard.





J said…
hello! namamasyal while the net is cooperating. hope all is well.

overgrown na yung okra mo hehehe. pitasin mo na.

take care!
Ciela said…
Nice pa rin pala ang growth ng mga veggies even only in containers?! Or is it the climate of the place that makes it healthy and good looking?

Anyway.. yay, TGIF na naman! Di ka na maghihila ng araw! ha ha ha..

Enjoy the weekend J!

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