The 4th of July

We didn't have anything planned. I thought we would just stay home and chill just like any other day. But the husband came across this 'kabayan' in the store on Friday and mentioned to him that there's a gathering being hosted by a Fil-Am group for a 4th of July celebration. It's being held near our place. So...he thought it'd be a good idea to check it out. We did. Good idea? Not quite sure about that. I've been here in the US for 9 years. Believe it or not, I've never been to any gathering hosted by a Fil-Am group.

It's good to see a familiar 'group of people'. Everybody there was friendly which is expected, right? There was an entrance fee covering food which to my opinion was 'so-so' at best. Well, honestly, I personally didn't like any of it except for the sticky rice. The 'lechon' was of course the main attraction on the table. The food was catered and we had to line up to get our portion. Not a big fan of that but that's how it is I guess.

Before dinner, it was the 'mingling' part of the gathering. I don't really mingle so I just absorbed whatever was happening around us. We sat on the table where an owner of a Philippine store that we go to sat as well so there was some chit-chats. After dinner, a short program was presented....mostly Filipino/Fil-Am kids/band showcasing their musical talents. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or what...but those who sang just tried to 'mimic' Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda. I know these 2 are making us proud but can we at least try to be a bit original? We weren't even sure if they did a good job mimicking because the sound system of the place was horrible. Anyway, the little one had a blast running around...chasing that little 5-year old [with her in the picture] all over the place. She also tried 'dancing' but her dance usually comes out like 'chicken dance' so it was funny watching her.

If only for her having fun, I would say it was worth it. Would we go again? Maybe, maybe not. They have quite a few get-together lined up but I'm pretty sure it will be same-o same-o. Eating, singing and dancing. It's good to do that every now and then. But monthly? Not quite. Anyway, I am now a member of the group [after shelling out the $$$ for membership fee] so I'm sure I'll be getting notifications everytime there's something coming up. I guess it's time to polish my dancing shoes...err...bakya [wooden shoes].


J said…
sounds like E enjoyed it the most.

good for you that you hooked up with a Fil-Am group. or is it really good? mukhang you sound kind of skeptical, although you signed up na ha.

ako kasi, I haven't come across an org. nearby. paano, puro puti and nasa paligid ko.
PinayWAHM said…
@Tuks: That's the very first Fil-Am gathering we've been to. I've been invited to some before kaso di ko type. Medyo nga skeptical ako kasi madaming intriga sa mga grupo grupo...
J said…
yoohoo natumbok mo ang ibig kung sabihin. pareho tayo ng takbo ng isip.

bakit nga kaya ganun? more often than not,you hear such typical stories about kababayans in some kind of messy situation dahil sa intriga. it defeats the purpose why in the first place we want to connect while were away from home. sad, but true.
Ciela said…
Parang narinig ko na yata ang ganyan sa aking relatives abroad. Like you, they aren't keen on mingling with Pinoy groups in their area. Intriga lang daw ang makukuha dun. he he.. totoo pala!
Sana lang 'no, magmahalan basta Pinoy na malayo sa sariling bayan?! Ibs kasi ang Pinoy eh! he he..

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