Back to Normal...

What is normal to us anyway? Being together would be the obvious answer. Like I mentioned in my previous post here, the husband was away for almost 2 weeks for a business trip. It wasn't supposed to last as long as it did but it did. He had to cancel his return trip a couple of times just to give in to their customers' request but he wasn't too happy about it. We weren't happy about it but such is life for a small business owner like himself. Sometimes you have to set aside what makes you happy in order to make it in the business world.

He is back home now and we're 'almost' back to our normal routine. I'm still sleep deprived [and so is he] because of the crazy schedule we had to follow while he was away but all's good now. One positive thing that came out of that trip would be his unexpected weight loss. It's the opposite for me though. I think I actually 'found' what he lost...and it's all my doing. I have to admit I didn't like being away from him...especially if it's something he's also not happy about. I kind of went into mini 'sweet bingeing' by baking brownies and cobbler during the time he was away. The little one was thrilled because we don't normally bake that much sweet in a span of about 10 days. Oh well. I guess I have 'separation anxiety' that I didn't know existed. Now I really have to look for some diet pills that work and see if they will indeed work for me. Or maybe, I can just stop putting those fattening foods in my mouth right about...NOW!


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