Beauty School

School has just started in the Philippines. My nieces & nephews are all going in different directions now as far as schooling is concerned. Most of them are either in college or taking some post-graduate degrees. I'm glad they like school so much that they seem too happy to actually go to school forever. LOL. One of my nieces though had to stop going to school because she got married and is now expecting a little one in a month or so. After giving birth to her child, she's planning to go back to school. Instead of finishing her course, she now wants to take up cosmetology. She's always been the type who likes anything and everything that has something to do with being beautiful. She's always fully made up even if she's only hanging out at home. I believe she'd be good in this field because of that.

She has no idea though which school to go to because there's not a lot of beauty school in our province. How I wish we have something like Jacksonville Cosmetology School back home to make it easier for her to decide. Unlike this school which has been in the business for more than 50 years, most of the cosmetology school there are very new. Maybe they can move here in the sunshine state and go to this school, eh? If only it was that easy. I'd probably send her some information about this school anyway so she can have some kind of a basis when looking for a school.


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