Father's Day Present...

This is the real father's day present we gave Dad on Father's Day. I already posted one video which was a photo slide with the same background - the little one singing her version of Taylor Swift's 'Best Day'. That video was made because I had some unexpected free time on my hands so it became a bonus father's day gift for Dad.


Ciela said…
What a super lovely doll you've got! The smartness of E has already manifested even when still a li'l baby huh?! I can't stop laughin' seeing her wetting the right hand but using the left to turn the book's pages. Grabe talaga sa ganda ang unica hija mo Huling! At grabe rin sa pagka-gwapo ang daddy. Bagay na bagay kayo!
Thanks for the wonderful entertainment. It lighten up my tiring day. Have a great TGIF!

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