He Lost Weight?

No, not the elephant on the left...the husband! I guess he won't need any noxycut anytime soon now that he lost some weight already. So how did he do it? Definitely not dieting. He was away for almost 2 weeks for a business trip. His regular days [here] at work ranges from 12 to 15 hours a day on the week days and sometimes through the weekend. There are days they can be longer though depending on the urgency of the job. But during this 'prolonged' business trip, his days started at 4:30 AM ending at 9 PM at the earliest, even on the weekend that he was there. There were even a couple of days when he worked until 1:00 AM just to finish what needed to be done.

The long hours he put in definitely helped a lot in losing some of the pounds but he said the food he ate contributed as well. Even if he ate mostly in restaurants during lunch & dinner, the food he ordered were mostly healthy ones. He tried a burger once but it wasn't the best so he opted to stay with local foods. Now I know what to do to lose some weight....go on a business trip! Problem solved! Tee hee...


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