'Julie Boy'


Finally, after searching for them online for months, my former dorm mates and I are in contact again. It took a while but we're finally in touch. Thanks to another dorm mate who started a group in FB. As I was checking at old photos posted in the group's page, I realized that I used to have more male friends in the dorm than female friends. I guess I was more comfortable then hanging out with the boys than with the girls. That's probably because I grew up in a house that is dominated by men. I have 3 brothers and most of my cousins are also males so I was always surrounded with natural testosterone. Because of this, I unknowingly developed some mannerisms that were kind of 'manly' during those years. I'm guessing that's the reason why my dorm friends used to call me 'Julie Boy'...and they made sure to remind me of that when they leave me messages in one of the pictures.LOL. It's not offensive or anything, I think it's actually cute and sweet that they still remember their 'nick name' for me back then.

Anyway, it feels great to finally track them down. We're all leading different lives now but it sure is fun to see how we all turned out. We're still tracking some friends and we're hoping to be able to see them in our group's page ASAP.


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