New Clothes


While getting ready to head out over the weekend to run some errands, I realized that the little one is running out of clothes that fit her. I've been getting her new clothes [online] almost every week but those are mostly clothes that she wears around the house or house clothes. We don't go out much so I don't really keep tabs on her 'going out' clothes that's why I missed it. Good thing Dad got her a shirt as a remembrance of his last trip. He does that everytime he goes out of state even if he comes back on the same day. Anyway, last Tuesday I decided to look for some new wardrobe for the little one. Since she's old enough to choose what she wants, I let her decide what she wanted to get. We jumped from website to website to find her some new clothes. I was surprised that she likes urban clothing now. You know the 'hip-hop' kind of clothing. I've got nothing against this type of clothing. I was just kept off guard when she kept ignoring clothes that she used to like a lot such as fairy tale inspired shirts. Sigh. Yep, she's growing way tooooo fast for me. I don't even want to think what's coming next. Somebody please save me.


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