Retail Ttherapy

That's what I need to do. Why? Because I just received a not-so-good news...from one of my bosses. Since I have a few work-at-home jobs, I also have a few different bosses. One of them emailed today to let us know that her term in the company will be ending soon. She's the only 'boss' I've known in this particular company so it's definitely a downer to learn she's leaving soon. This company has been "quiet" for a while now which means we barely get work from them lately. I'm thinking we will be hearing a lot less from them now that our boss no longer works for them. I wonder if this is the start of the end?

Like I said, I haven't done much work for them lately. I think my last paycheck with them was early this year so it won't really hurt much financially. Well, maybe it will since I'm busy shopping at the moment. I may just spend more than I am planning as my retail therapy for this bummer. Is it Cyber Monday yet? At least with this special day, I can shop more and spend less...but it's not so I better stop shopping now before I break the bank.


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