So the husband just got back from another business trip. This time around, we knew how long he would be away although we were hoping he would be able to cut the trip short. No can do. The client just squeezed his stay to the last pulp. Oh well. He gave them so much room to wiggle so they took advantage of it. Needless to say, much of his stay there went nowhere. Instead of accommodating him, it was the other way around.

As for me, I'm just glad he's back home. The little one feels the same way of course. It seems she's getting used to the idea that Dad has to take trips sometimes for his business. One thing she's definitely loving are the souvenirs that Dad brings her when he gets back from his trips. During this last trip, he brought her back some local currencies of the place he went to. I would have loved to see him bring home some gold coins instead but it's not in the budget for now. LOL. Maybe next time when he goes to a place where the price of gold is much lower than what it is here. Aside from having them as souvenirs, they can be our investment as well, right? Why not when the price of this favorite commodity stays stable amidst all these economic meltdowns we've been experiencing. We don't need a fortune to invest in gold so that's a very feasible plan for us.

Anyway, that's just a plan. I really have no idea when his next trip will be but I'm hoping we will at least have enough time to recover from this last one before he goes to the next one. In a year or two, maybe?


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