Thursday..... myspace graphic comments

I have this same graphic in my other blog but I'm still using it here because it's too cute not to share. That's exactly how I look like [only with dark brown eyes and darker skin with slimmer fingers...LOL] on Thursdays. I'm sure I can get an AMEN to that, eh?

So far the day is going ok. I haven't really done a lot but I'm about to dive into some work again. I have no idea what the weekend schedule looks like for me. At least we don't have to beat a deadline this week, I don't think so anyway. So maybe I'll be able to finally have that relaxing weekend I was meaning to have last weekend. Still I'm not holding my hopes high because it's only Thursday. Things may change from today to tomorrow. One thing I know...even if we have to beat a deadline, I'd probably take a few hours off sometime during the weekend because someone in this house got bored out of his wits last weekend.

That's it for now...Seeya!


J said…
pwede bang i-adopt na lang tong bata na ito. I'm falling in love with his eyes hahaha.

Friday na nga ulit in a few minutes. ang bilis talaga ng araw.

have a great Friday!
Ciela said…
Cute ni baby! Looks like E when she was that age. di ba? Mas cute pa nga yata si li'l lady eh!

Enjoy the weekend Huling!

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