A Bit Late...

But I hope you...

It's almost over but better than never, right?

I didn't have the chance to update much earlier because we were out for the most part. At least we're able to accomplish some things that we've been putting off for quite a while now so I'm a happy camper.

Yesterday, we went out a bit late. We've been planning to take the little one bowling and we finally did it yesterday. It was her first time to bowl so it was both funny and exciting. The balls at the bowling lane we went to were a bit heavy for her so she mostly tossed the ball. It was also my first time to bowl. I used to watch friends in college but I never really picked up a ball until yesterday. Surprising I know but I that's me.

We had a good time so I'm sure we're going to do that again in the near future. I know the little one wants to go back again next week....LOL...


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