Dinner ideas...


Back in the Philippines, the belief [or joke, maybe?] is you're ready to get married once you can cook already. If that belief is applied to me, I will never be ready to be married. I barely cooked when I was single so it was a big adjustment to me once I found myself in-charge of the kitchen day-in, day-out. I remember cooking mostly potatoes during the first year I was married. The husband told me then that his co-worker would make it a guessing game as to what kind of potato dish he'd bring to work for his lunch.

Anyway, after almost 10 years...nothing changed much. I'm still baffled almost everday as to what I should make for dinner. I'm not much into experimentation especially if it involves food. I tend to be discouraged easily as well. If my first attempt on something fails, I rarely try it another time. I'd rather look for another recipe to try. If I'm successful with a particular recipe, chances are....that recipe will be repeated until we can no longer look at it much less eat it. LOL....

I've been in a 'rut' as far as what to make for dinner is concerned. This week and last week, I tried 2 new fish recipes. Only one seems promising. Today, I'm going to try and do barbecue chicken in the oven. I have no idea how it will come out but I'm hoping it's going to be okay. I already have the chicken pieces in the oven baking. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will come out at least good enough to eat...teehee....wish me luck...


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