If diamond is a girl's best friend, gold bullion, or any form of gold for that matter, is probably a good investor's best friend. It's a common knowledge that gold has held its ground in terms of stability amidst all the economic turmoil we're experiencing at the moment. Its value has stayed more or less the same even if everything around it continues to devaluate. I personally don't have any gold investments beside the usual gold jewelry but the husband and I are thinking of maybe investing in some in the future.

My father was very much interested in gold bullion himself. I remember him bringing home some pictures and brochures about gold that a friend gave him because he wanted my father to invest in them. Unfortunately, we didn't have the money to invest in anything during those days. My father was the only one working and what he was making then was barely enough to provide for us. It would have been great if he was able to buy a few bullions back then because they were a lot cheaper to buy. It's never too late though. Maybe one day, I will be able to do that myself.


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