The neverending hunt for an affordable insurance continues. The husband mentioned last night that an insurance agent was coming to talk to him today...and she did. He came home with some brochures to read which I'm sure will be left unread just like the many others he brought home. Hubby told me that the one offered to him today was more expensive than what we already have so we're staying put...for now anyway.

Just like a lot of other health insurance, this last one offers lower monthly premium IF we raise the deductible. If we want to go that route, having a higher deductible, then we better get what is known as a health savings account or HSA. As the name implies, it's some sort of a savings account only in a different way. I have yet to read more about it but I must say that it is becoming more and more appealing to me if only because of the aspect that the money we save on premiums will actually go to our very own savings and not to the money hungry insurance companies. Now, that is something worth considering....


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