Back when I was still single and working full-time, I was always thinking of ways to invest. My choices back then were either real estate or invest in a business that a friend put up. Neither materialized. My friend [and her partners] decided to close down the business because competition got stiff and it wasn't making any money so I was left with the real estate. I got really close in buying a row house in a subdivision where a friend bought her house. I only needed a few more paperworks to close the deal but I backed out at the last minute. I can no longer remember why but I'm glad I didn't push through with it because I got married not too long after that deal fell through.

Today, investing in real estate is probably not the best way because of the shape it is in. I would rather buy gold coins before I put money in a new house or any real estate at this point in time. Aside from the obvious, the coins can be sold a lot faster than a house today. I know that for a fact because our other house has been in the market for more than 2 years. We have to reduce our asking price for that house a few times just so it will attract buyers but to no avail. I don't think it would be this difficult if we're selling gold instead.


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