Our Weekend...

Busy. Me working, the hubby working...both on the computer. We haven't even had the chance to re-arrange the home office furniture so it's still a wee bit in disarray. I still have to dig up some books in boxes so I can put them in the shelves. Just thinking about it is making me tired already.

Anyway, we may head out tomorrow to look for a program that hubby wants to get. He tried looking online for it but he can't find the one he wants so we might try looking at the stores near here. Maybe we can finally use the reward card we have of an electronic store to buy that program. We originally planned in using it to buy a netbook but they didn't have the netbook that we wanted so we ended up buying one online. I think we have enough points in the card to get the program free...that is if we find the one that we want.


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