Pesky Virus!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea why these Trojan viruses keep on popping up on my computer. I already quarantined quite a few and it seems there's no stopping them. It's a good thing my virus shield intercepts them before they can wreak havoc on my computer but it's really irritating...and scary I must admit. Everytime I see the warning 'threat 'detected' I close the browser as soon as possible thinking the virus will do damage to my computer if I don't close the browser.

I thought it's because of my browser that the virus gets in. I was still using Netscape up until a few days ago. I'm just used to it so I thought of just sticking to it even if it's no longer supported by a lot of sites. After a couple of times of being attacked by the virus, I switched to Internet Explorer and Google Chrome alternately. It didn't do any good since I'm still seeng the virus pops up almost daily. Ugh!


TyDeZ said…
There are softwares you can use to prevent them from showing up. Not all antivirus can stop trojans especially spywares and malwares. Try Ad-aware and ZoneAlarm. You can download them at They're free by the way. And google up "pop-up blocker" or "ad blocker". It's available depending on your browser. These are great tools and a secure way of browsing the net.

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