Why DON'T I Drive?

That's why!! I'm afraid I might come across that one and I may never be able to make it home. Tee hee...

I've been having a lazy Sunday afternoon so I thought I'd look at some funny pictures online. The little one is busy tracing leaves [she said she's making a book of leaves?] while the hubby is watching Pre-season football. Yep, it's that time of the year again where men across the country will be glued on the tube every weekend and Monday nights.

Anyway, I gotta' get up from here and start thinking about the answer to the most popular question in my household...'What's for dinner, Mom ?' or 'What's for dinner, Hon?'...depending who's hungrier....LOL...


Nancy Janiola said…
ay, kaloka naman ang road sign na yan!

i would still love to learn how to drive, anyway, hahahaha!

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