Working Harder by the Minute

That's basically what a lot of us are doing right now. Many people skip on taking time off work because of the unstable economy. I can't blame them. News of people losing everything because of the economic crisis is something way too real for most of us. No one is safe it seems so we try to work as much as we can 'just in case'.

Yes we're able to save a little bit more but eventually, we have to take a break and breathe. I for one feel like I'm burning the candle both ways. But we have to do what we have to in order to somehow secure our future. This is also the reason why I am bent in finding ways to invest the little savings we have. Finding a good investment nowadays though is proving to be difficult. It seems the safest way to go now is to buy bullion either in gold or in silver. I'm sure there are other ways to invest but it's scary. Gold and silver are proven to stay strong even during the tough times. But is it a good idea to invest in one thing only? I really have no idea. Maybe we should consult a professional investment specialist before we dive into the investment game. What do you think?


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