Worry Wart

That's me. I worry about everything. I try not to but sometimes I can't help it. I worry about trivial things sometimes but sometimes my worries are justified. So what do I worry about? Hmmmm....I worry about the little one, the husband and myself. But those are not the only things I worry about. I even worry if the deadbolt locks around the house are all locked at night almost every night so I sometimes get up in the middle of the night just to check.

Health is probably my biggest worry. Not only my health but everyone in my family especially the little one's. One time after she got sick the day/night before I heard her ask Dad..'why does Mommy worry so much about me?' Dad's reply: Because that's what Mommies do. That's true I guess but I remember being like this even when I was still in grade school. There are times I wish I don't worry as much since it's not a good feeling but that's not me. I guess I would have to live with it then, eh? Sigh...


Ciela said…
Hi Huling! Hindi pala ako nag-iisa sa pagiging worrier ko! Lol! Difficult to be one really, kaya lang di ko rin maiwasan di mag-worry especially pag wala pa itong tatlo dito sa bahay. Ang hirap 'no?! Ang pantapat ko lang pag super worried na 'ko ..prayer!

Anyway, it's weekend again! Have an enjoyable one!

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