... a golden girl that is. Not me but my sister-in-law who celebrated her 49th birthday yesterday. I called her last night and that's when she told me that she's that age already. I wasn't aware that she's almost 50. She's been like a real sister to me because she's been my sister in law since I was in first year high school. I always find it easy to talk to her because she's level headed and does not sugar coat things. A lot of people actually don't like her because of that. Not me. I'd rather have someone who's upfront with me than someone who likes to skirt around the issues.

Anyway, while talking to her last night she mentioned that they are currently in the process of buying a property in a subdivision near their place. It's a well established subdivision already so she suggested that maybe we should buy as well. The prices of properties are very tempting but the husband and I would rather invest in bullion than real estate at this time since it's rather stable compared with real estate. I mentioned this to my sister in law which actaully made her curious about bullion herself. She and my brother don't know much about investing so any information they can get about good investments is always welcome. Hopefully they'll get the chance to read more about this and go from there.


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