The little one's hair has never been cut except for one occasion when she was about 3. She cut a bit of her hair while I was busy doing something in the kitchen. Fortunately, it wasn't obvious so we didn't have to do any damage control. I still have that hair in a ziplock bag tucked in somewhere. Anyway, lately she's been starting to talk about possibly having a hair cut. We're still thinking about it but if ever we decide to go through with it, it won't be anything drastic. Maybe just a little trim so her hair stays healthy.

Anyway, when I came out of the computer room to get something from the kitchen and I was surprised to see her hair a bit messy by the forehead. I asked her what she's doing and she said she's trying to see if she'd look good with bangs! She didn't cut it or anything but I just thought she looked funny. I told her she can have bangs if she wants to but not yet. She has these little pimples on her forehead and having hair on there might irritate them which may result to some serious acne. Ugh! I can't believe we're already dealing with her having some skin issues. I guess I have to visit and read more about acne so I would know what to do just in case she starts having break-outs.


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