Best Wishes...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a good friend of mine who got married over the weekend. I would have loved to be present on her special day but it's just not possible. Events like this one make me wish sometimes that I am not 12 thousand miles from where I grew up but my life is now here and I have no regrets. I am not the only in our group of friends who wasn't able to make to her big day because a couple of our friends are also now residing overseas with their own respective families. We're all glad that this friend of ours finally found someone she can spend her life with. She and her husband are now away on their honeymoon and we're all crossing our fingers that it won't be long before she starts looking for the best prenatal vitamin out there. When I last talked to her she said she couldn't wait to have a baby. I'm hoping it will come easy to her and her husband. A few of our friends who decided to have baby a bit late in life had a tough time conceiving. We all advised her that it's probably better if she and her husband starts a family sooner than later. I'm glad she listened and I can only hope they get lucky on their attempt...fingers crossed!


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