Early Start


We've been up since 6 this morning. I went in for some blood work which my doctor ordered a few months ago. I should have gone a month or so ago but I wasn't able to because of...of....can't even remember why I wasn't able to go. Anyway, we decided to go first thing in the morning since it's easier to travel early in the morning because there is not much traffic. We made it there just a few minutes after it opened but the place was almost packed already. There were people in all shapes and sizes as always. Sadly, a lot of them could use one of those weight loss programs we see being advertised everywhere. I'm not being judgemental, just being realistic. I probably don't need such program...for now but if I don't start taking care of my body, eating right and exercising regularly, there is a strong possibility that I will in the future. Aside from that, my chances of developing diabetes are quite high because it's in my genes. Sigh.

So here I am with a sore arm early in the morning. I can already see the bruise developing on it. At least the lady that drew my blood today did it right on her first try unlike the last 2 times I was there where I got poked on both arms. What an experience that was....


I'm so glad you had a better experience with needles this time around. I sure would hate being stabbed several times on the arm.

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