Feeling Better

For now, anyway. I wasn't really sick, it's just my allergy con sinus problems giving me a hard time. So far today, I don't feel the sinus pain anymore.

I'm having a slow day today. Work has slowed quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. The boss has no idea why and we're all on the waiting mode again. We didn't expect the slow down because we were told we will be busy for months non-stop. But we can't really do anything much but to wait. In the meaintime, our boss has been emailing us with a bunch of reminders. I don't blame her. Some co-workers try to maximize their earning capacity by doing a mediocre job [read: sloppy, below par]. As a result, the boss has to do a lot of correcting at the end line so as not to jeopardize all of our jobs.

Anyway, I have some tasks to finish both online and offline so I'm still not completely idle. I better go back to what needs to be done while I still have time. As always...

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