A good night sleep. I've been breaking my bedtime routine for a few days that it took me a couple of nights to be able to sleep soundly. I'm just like a baby, eh? I just find it hard to get back into the groove once I start breaking my sleeping pattern. But I'm glad I was able to finally sleep well.
It's Thursday once again...and you know what that means. It's almost the weekend. Tee hee. Like they say...we work for the weekend! That's just the way it is I guess. Even if I'm a WAHM I still wait for it. You wouldn't think I would since I'm home 24/7 anyway but I do.
This weekend I have to finish cleaning up the other flower bed. I was only able to clean up one of them last weekend because it got way too hot for me to stay out. I think I got my headaches from staying out for a few hours in that heat. It's just that the flower bed I was working on was in direct sunlight so the sun was shining on me throughout the time I was out there. Anyway, the other on is on a better location. It's not directly under the sun until after lunch so I'll be okay as long as I do the work in the morning.
Right now, I'm still busy checking different websites looking for some materials for the little one's schooling. I have to make sure it's done before the week is over so I better get off her for now. Enjoy your Thursday!


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