Going Back to School

It's my youngest brother's birthday today. Since I can't greet him [or any of my loved ones] in person, I make it a point to call him on his birthday. I usually call him very early in the morning [his time] because he works the graveyard shift and he's normally on the road going home from his job at around 6 AM. It's been a while since I spoke with him. I think the last time was on Skype when I spoke saw and spoke with almost all of my siblings and their families back home. My younger brother and I are probably the closest among the 5 siblings since we grew up together. He knows that if he needs something he can always call me. I remember taking him shopping every pay day when I was still working in the Philippines. I even remember buying gifts for his girlfriends. So it wasn't a surprise when I was the first one he told that he wants to go back to school.

After high school, he decided to take up an associate degree since it only takes 2 years to graduate. He finished 2 associate degrees but none of them has been put to use. Right now, he's working at a hotel and for him to get promotions, he needs to finish a degree related to his job. I told him I will research degrees that are relevant to his line of work. That's what I did and I will be letting him know what I found out. He knows it will take a while to finish a degree especially now that he's working but he's bent on pursuing one. All I can do is support him and be there in case he needs any kind of help. I'm just proud he's doing it considering his age.


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