That's my husband in my eyes. Everytime he does something, he gives it his 100% if possible, more. Right now his motivation is of course the little one. But he also enjoys his job [for the most part anyway] so sometimes it does not feel like work...or so he says. Since starting a small business, he's been working long hours. His pay stays the same whether he works the regular 8 hours or the gruelling 16 hours a day on some days. He has big dreams for the company he started. It hasn't been easy because they started the business when the economy was just starting to crumble.

Now that the economy is at its worst, their business is still standing and that's all because of the blood and sweat put into making it survive. As soon as the economy recovers, they have some plans to have their own place. Right now they are renting a space. A few years down the road, building their own shop will be in the plan. They've been looking at different steel buildings both online and offline hoping to either buy one or have one built specifically for them. It's all plans right now. But with faith, hardwork and patience, that plan will materialize before our eyes. And I would love to be there when it happens.


Ciela said…
Saludo ako sa sipag ni M! Isang tunay na responsableng Ama ng tahanan! Kaya naman I'm sure, you're supporting him all the way!

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