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The first house I owned, I had decided that I was going to make every room look different. I wanted different colored walls and each room to have a theme or design of it's own. When I decided to do the guest bathroom, which was also my daughters bathroom, I used my DIRECTTV internet bundle to look for bathroom ideas. I wanted to make sure also, what kind of paint to use and which was the best paint to apply in a bathroom. After making my decision on the brand of paint, I decided to do a fish theme in the room. I painted the walls a sea green and blue. Along the top of the wall, next to the ceiling, I painted a darker blue. I then added fish stencils along on this border in different colors. It took an entire day to stencil all the the sea creatures along the border. There were starfish, sea horses, different fish shapes, sea shells and sea plants. But, it looked great. I added other details to the bathroom, such as a matching shower curtain, light switch cover, outlet covers and I added other sea pictures onto the walls. Plus I bought all matching towels and bath accessories.

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays


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