Hurricane Season Peak?

Hubby told me that the peak season for hurricanes is this month. From the way the hurricanes are making their way here, I'd say he's right on the mark.

June is the start of the hurricane season. Up until late August, we only had 3 named storms. A couple of weeks ago, storm #4, Danielle was spotted. She's now gone. But right now, we're watching 3 of them, I think. And that's in a span of a few weeks. The worst so far, Earl, is nowt cruising along the coast. It's not expected to hit Florida but it's still scary watching 3 [sometimes 4] hurricanes on the news. Some tourists in the NC outer banks already ditched their plan of staying there in the fear that it will have a great impact to the banks.

We are not feeling the effect of any of these hurricanes right now. I'm praying we won't have to in the coming days and weeks. But being in a state known to be prone to hurricanes, I can't help but be nervous during this so-called hurricane season.

Btw, the picture is that of Hurricane Andrew which devastated some parts of Florida in 1992.


JENIE=) said…
is it this month? it feels like it's everyday.

i was watching national geo last night and have seen tornadoes after tornadoes and their predictions if and when i goes to the city. devastating. hope you won't be in that situation dear.

btw, just checking my links and i found out i've got one only here...can you link the others? =)

come and see me back soon
life round meNyou
Anonymous said…
dara, dinanasan ku rin ing magbakwit, hahaha nyang pinatubo. ing bale me nang kalati kubu yamu tapos ing bubong na bulong yang atbu. tapus ing dingding na kawayan ya hahhaha ala kami pang tv kanta radyo mu kasi ala kaming sulu.

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