Growing up, I was really thin. Not only once did I think I was probably malnourished or something. People around me, specifically my father's older sister blamed my long hair for my being thin. Yep, my poor hair was being accused as the culprit for my inability to gain weight. How come? Well, according to my aunt my hair is eating all the nutrients that should go to my body so she was bugging my father to have my hair cut. The funny thing was she had a daughter who was my age and had real short hair and she was even thinner than I was. We just ignored my aunt since she's obviously miniformed.

My father though was worried about my frail frame while I was growing up. He would ask his doctor friends for advice on what kind of weight gain supplement would be good for me to take. There was a time that one doctor prescribed me with some tablets but I had a bad reaction to it so I stopped taking it. After that experience, my father stopped seeking doctor's advice. He just made sure I was eating right and on time. Everytime I would gain a pound or two, my father would be ecstatic. But that's the most I'd gain. I think my father wanted to see me with a little bit of fat but it never happened. If he were alive today, he would be jumping for joy because I'm way above his 'dream weight' for me. The irony I want to lose weight...and I just can't seem to do that.


J said…
hello!!! greetings from Ireland!

it's been almost a week of lakwatsa for us.nakakapagod but fun. malamig na dito. nakaka-miss bigla ang init sa NY.

hope you're having a great Sunday!

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