Lawsuit Advertisements


I've been living here in this part of the world for almost 10 years. You would think that after that long, I would be used to the way things are done in this country. Somehow I am but not really. Confusing, eh? One of the things that will always puzzle me are the kinds of TV show they air here. They're very much different to the shows I was used to watch back home...and I'm not talking about soap operas. We have those back in my homeland. I'm talking about talk shows where 'real' people air their dirty laundry for everybody to watch. Why would one want to do that is beyond me.

Another thing that I see on TV here which I've never seen back home are the advertisements about lawsuits. I don't remember seeing even a single commercial about lawsuits back then. So it was kind of odd for me to see say an Accutane Lawsuit being advertised on TV. I mean I appreciate the fact that people who got sick because of certain products like Accutane can actually get some kind of restitution but it's just unknown to me that's why I'm taken aback everytime I see such advertisement. I'm used to them already. If justice can be served through this kind of advertising, then so be it. I'm just hoping I won't have to be part of one myself in the future.


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