I got these pictures from an email I received this morning. They're cute and funny so I thought I'd share some of them here....

...and this last one, I can relate completely

That's exactly how I've been feeling since yesterday. I still have not gotten that precious good night sleep but I'll try again tonight. Who knows I may be successful this time around, eh?


Anonymous said…
hahahha, taksyapu kulit dareng anak magaling la.

Dara 5'3 naku ngani nyang high skul nakung kalati talaga bulilit awus da kaku
Ciela said…
Ay, ang ku-cute nila! Nakakainggit lang talaga itong nasa 3rd photo eh.
ay naku, ako rin hirap makakuha nyan. Lol!

Good luck! I hope you get to sleep soundly tonight Huling!
Hi Ate J! Yeay! Your comment section is back! Now I can SPAM you! Just kidding. ^_^

Thanks for visiting my bloggy, I've been acting busy these past few weeks LOL!

Hope you get more sleep, I sure wish I get more sleep as well not that I'm sleep deprived. Ang tamad ko, I rather sleep than study uh-oh... LOL!

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