Make-Over Over the Weekend...

I've been planning in getting some new bed sheets. The ones we have served their purpose already so it's time to replace them. I told the husband yesterday that I wanted to go to the store to look for sheets. I originally thought of doing it online but I find it hard to decide because I have no idea how good the material is unless I feel it. So after breakfast we were off to the store. We ended up in JCPenney. We spent about an hour just browsing...then the shopping started. My original plan of just getting bedsheets stayed just that...a plan. Why? Because we ended up doing the whole she-bang! We got bed sheets & then some. Quilts, bed skirts, shams, and some big square pillows. When we were done shopping we have a cart full of bedroom stuff for our bedroom as well as for the little one's.

So what happened? I forgot that my hubby does not look at the "small picture". He always looks at the "bigger picture". How so? If I ask him to get me a pair of shorts, he'd come home with a pair of shorts with a shirt [and blazer sometimes], belt, sandals and whatever will go with the outfit. It's just the way he shops I guess.

Today, we were supposed to go and get a shorwer curtain. We've been having a hard time finding one that fits our shower perfectly so we did an online search this morning. We found the size we wanted online and it's available in their store near here. I decided not to go since I have to do some cleaning around the house so I sent the little one with him and off they went. It took them about 3 hours to get back home. I was already wondering what's taking them long when I heard the door clicked open. What do you know....he came in with 4 big bags of stuff with the little one behind him holding ANOTHER pink pillow! And her's the kicker...the shower curtain he bought is accompanied by towels, floor rug, bathroom accessories [toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc], valance for the shower, etc.

So in a span of 24 hours, we have an 'almost' brand new bathroom and 'almost' brand new bed...and he's not done yet. LOL....Maybe tomorrow I'd send him to get me a pair of earrings. Maybe he'd come home with a necklace, bracelet, anklet, a watch and some other pieces of jewelry. that's an idea...


Anonymous said…
Dara, taksyapu mate ku keng kakatula keng mi-inda ku. Misagutan la talaga e i ma na manganerbiyos neh, ing metung naman iisipan na spaghetti kasi kanu medanup ya. Kadarating na pa kasi nyang miyrkulas bayu silab, bat ya pilipinas.

Makasakit bulsa mamalit gamit neh? kaye ugse dalamu deng luma, kekatamu bale keng pampanga anggang pwede sigi gamitan tala pa deng gamit.
Ciela said…
Ay hindi pala generous sa pagsa-shopping si M 'no? Lol! Ay maku, kung ako ikaw, matagal na 'ko nagpabili ng paisa-isa kunwari para marami lang iuwi. Para kahit maubos pera nila, sa 'ting mga asawa lng mapunta. he he.. bad ako e!

Btw, wala pa rin sidekick dito pero nakapag-relax na ng kaunti. Agree ako sa sinabi mo, pag napagod iwan at magliwaliw. Hindi kasi talaga maubos ang work e.

Tagal ko di nakapasyal. Sensya k na.. O heto, TGIF na naman..
wish ko makapag-out of town ulit. Sana ikaw rin. he he..

See you ulit Huling! Ingat ka!

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