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It's a slow day that's why I'm asking if it's Wednesday still. I've been in and out of the home office because I get bored sitting in front of my computer so I try to do some chores in between 'boredom'....tee hee...

Nothing much is happening here except for some personal physical pain...LOL. I've been getting some not so fun sinus headache lately and I just hate it...especially if it wakes me up in the middle of the night. My regular allergy medicine is unavailable in all the stores we went to last weekend and it's driving me bananas. One pharmacist said it was recalled so they only have the store brand but I couldn't find anything online about that specific medicine being recalled.
I'm feeling a lot better today. I hope it won't bug me much tonight as well....


Lynn said…
oh, sad. get well soon mommy J. and thank u for the greetings kahit huli na. better late than never naman diba?

ingatz and enjoy your week ahead! (",)
Ciela said…
Hi Huling! I hope you can find that meds soon. Ang hirap talaga pag may iniinda. Ako naman, may asthma attack come night time. Kaya ang inhaler dapat daw ikwintas ko na sa leeg ko. Hayy..

Sana tuloy tuloy na yang maganda mong pakiramdam!

Isang tulog na lang dito, TGIF na naman. Ingat lagi!

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