My Friday Nights


Everybody seems to work for the weekend. I eagerly anticipate Friday nights because it is the day that I go to the movies. It's a standing date with me, my wife, and a bucket of popcorn. We try to find one new movie a week that we are interested in and off we go. It got to the point where the people there know us by name, and they usually reserve tickets for us even if something is sold out.

My favorite type of movies are science fiction movies. My wife likes the romances. Since we get to go so often, we will often let the other person pick the movie and we feel great about almost all of them. Sometimes there will be a week where no movie that we are interested in seeing comes out. This is usually ok because their are frequently great weeks where 2-3 movies that we want to see come out. I think my friends probably consider us movie addicts. They all know where I'll be on Friday night and not to bug me. I realized one day that everyone knows my house is empty every Friday night. It was then that we decided to set our home alarm new york prior to going to the movies. It makes us feel more safe about our lifestyle.

I love the movies and my wife, and date night has never been better!

Written by Sherri Hicks


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